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  • Ring-Zer0

    Ring-Zer0 is an independent group of security researchers, Web designers, and programmers.

    Defcon 21



    Some of our members will be attending Defcon 21.

    What do we do?

    So what do we do?

    To put it plain and simple, we research security topics ranging from reverse engineering, malware, vulnerabilities and exploits, Forensics, and whatever else we want. We program things we think would be cool and usefull to us. Do some web design, and anything else under the sun that we feel like looking into or playing with.

  • About Us

    About Us

    Just some security researchers/hackers, programmers, web developers and friends who decided to start a little independent group called Ring-Zer0. It all began with the forming of what we called "Metasploit Mondays" Where every Monday we would get toghether and play with Metasploit. It was really fun so we started to do more and more things, not just with metasploit but with all of our different backgrounds. All of us knew programming, some knew web design, others network security, forensics, etc... Anyways it became a nice little group of us who got toghether whenever we wanted to and allowed us to do more than school, our jobs, or what we would normally do on our own. Thats about all there is to that story.

    You may be wondering WTF!? or not. But we just enjoy playing with almost every aspect of computers, sometimes we even break out a soldering iron and do hardware mods... its rare because if we did it a lot we would probably burn some place down.

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    About Our Research

    We will be posting our research whitepapers and other info soon, thank you for your interest. Keep checking back it will be up any day now!

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